Sunday, 31 July 2011

I decided to do this :)

This is a 10 Days Boyfriend Blog Challenge that I've decided to do. It's just for fun, really. But on second thought, it would allow me to post every day for 10 consecutive days ( since I'm famous for my laziness *wink*) and this blog won't be so dull anymore. I believe that girls are more concerned about the outlook of everything, same goes to me. I like to see many posts on my blogs, including this one. Before this, Joel just posted 1 and the blog doesn't look really good with only that. It needs more content. That's how I think, don't you? :)

Day 1 - Where did you meet your boyfriend?
Day 2 - Favorite picture of your boyfriend
Day 3 - Favorite picture of you and your boyfriend
Day 4 - 5 facts about your boyfriend
Day 5 - Make a list of 10 things you like about your boyfriend
Day 6 - What did you do the last time you hung out?
Day 7 - What was the last movie yah’ll saw together?
Day 8 - What do you guys do often?
Day 9 - Give your definition of love
Day 10 - Write a letter to your boyfriend

Looking forward to be done with this!

Posted by Jessica :)

Friday, 22 July 2011

our Story, Our Life, Us

To whomever this may concern;
Before you read this letter about my life up to this point in time, please put down anything you may be holding, sit down, and make sure this has your undivided attention, else you may not fully understand what you are about to read. You are more than welcome to stop reading at any time, but I would prefer if you would read until the end, so there are no misconceptions about myself. Well then, let's get started, shall we?

   How much does one share, and how much does one keep for themselves? the whole of it would make the most beautiful of novels. sometimes real life is more magical than fiction. Well things change and here I am with someone that so important to me blogging, blog-walking and sharing pieces of our everyday life both together and also when it comes to both of us are apart from each other not emotionally, but physically. To remember all the things that happened in my life, there's certain things that I really thanked God cos it happened to myself. First, a person born to this world which is me. Second, I was raised in a family that are very concerned about discipline. I didn't complaint about that because it made me who I am now. Third, and this is the best thing of all things that ever happened to me atm (*excepting the future) is being in love with Jess. Well, enough for history. 

   Since the blog's title is now, today and forever I wanna share something that I think are so NOT COOL when you are a boyfie to someone. Jess's birthday was yesterday and she's turned 22 officially YESTERDAY. Before that, me and her already plan for her BIG day (*means celebrate her b-day together) together but something happened and we have no choice but to cancel that BIG plan. She was sad (*now she's okay *glad) and I have to convince her that we will celebrate our birthday together before I go back to Selangor to finish my last semester. She's convinced and I will keep my promise to her no matter what. I'm typing this right NOW cos this is one of my promise to write something for our blog :). 

   For TODAY, boring is the word to describe my day. It rain heavily the whole day. Being sleepy and lazy. That's what exactly rain brought for me today. Family is fine and they also do their own things at home and pretending invisible to them the whole day was a good thing to do cos I'm being so lazy to do anything if they ask for my help or something (*very bad). Enough bout my so not interesting day. 

   FOREVER for me is just a grammar, a word to describe and some alphabets that people wrote in a dictionary with unique order to give meaning for other people to understand something related to their daily life or for their own understanding in many terms. Nothing lasts forever except who believe in GOD will say GOD lasts forever and I'm one of the believers. But this word can be meaningful in many terms and it's so subjective sometimes hard to understand the deep meaning of it. Let's say I wanna put the forever word in my own relationship terms, honestly I will say me and Jess will not be together forever cos all live things will die eventually but our emotion and feelings to each other will lasts forever cos someone else maybe our family, a friend, someone that we care or even our haters will remember us as a couple, a soul mate and they will tell and pass it to someone else  whenever people talk about us. That's the true definition of FOREVER to me. It's normal when people start to questioning every little things that happened in their life, so do I.

   Still reading? Okay. I don't expect people will read this but I'm happy if you are. This is my first entry for our blog like my promise to her. Maybe I did "talk" too much so enough for now. ciaow 
*sorry for my brkoenEnglshi

"The heart can freeze or it can burn. The pain will ease if we can learn. There's uncertainty in FOREVER, there is no past if we chose to forget it, I live TODAY as my last. there’s only us, there’s only this. Forget regret or life is yours to miss. No other road, no other way, no day but TODAY."