Thursday, 22 September 2011


"Love isn't about finding the perfect one. It's seeing an imperfect person perfectly."

I hold tightly to the quote above. Let's face the fact, people that are perfect do not exist. Not one man on the face of the earth has never done any mistake in his entire life, even children make mistakes. And so are we. Human can't never escape from making mistakes because as long as we are still alive, we are still learning, living and surviving. We can strive for it, make progress toward it but attaining perfection is impossible. Life is a learning process and it will never stop as we grow older. Even though we stop, the universe will always find its own ways to teach us a lesson. It is unavoidable.

When it comes to love, what each person believes he or she requires in a relationship may be vary. All of us seek balance in our relationship. I have been in a relationship for more than a year now and although it is not consider a long period but I learnt that loving someone else means you love their souls- the good, the bad and the ugly. And at some point I know that I will be let down, offended, hurt, disillusioned, angry, stressed, frustrated and upset. But the big question is, can I still love him? Not forgetting that I too will be the one who offends, is wrong, behaves insensitively, hurt him whether I purposely mean to or not. And comes another bigger question, will he still loves me? I realized through our fights and arguments, without pushing through the bad, we can never enjoy the good that an enduring relationship brings.

Although that sometimes your actions hurt me, I still love you very much sayang because I know you have your flaws and I know that I did my share of hurting you too.

I love all your imperfections because those are the things that made you perfect just the way you are and those are the things that completes me.

I love you :)

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