Sunday, 16 October 2011

Pictures together.

Here's the thing that I'm sure everybody would do which is when you miss a certain person, you would look at the pictures of that person or pictures of the two of you together. And yours truly here does exactly the same thing too. The past few days, I was all sappy, down, emotional, mad and I was overwhelmed with the mixture of different feelings and most of the time, I would throw all those ugly tantrums on Joel. Poor guy. And when that happen, what Joel would do is to give me time to cool off which is a wise thing to do. We had a  small argument earlier which led to us not texting and talking to each other and we made up last night. We're in a long distance relationship at the moment and of course it made me miss him all the time and when we have finally made up, the feeling of missing him got even worse. We're saying our sorries but all of the sudden, he stopped texting me. I think he fell asleep so I just let him sleep.

The urge to see his face overpowering me so I  grab my phone to see all his pictures that he mmsed and I found out that in a year plus of our relationship, we don't really took much pictures together. I think I only have like 10 pictures of us together saved in my phone. It is I who should be blamed on this cos I'm really camera shy but I know it would be nice to see a lot of pictures with both of us in them, all happy and in love. When he gets home, I will do it.

Doesn't matter if I look like shit in the pictures :)

Until next post, Jessica :)

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