Monday, 21 May 2012


Wow! what a long hiatus has it been?! This blog has been neglected for far too long. I usually update at my personal blog but due too heavy assignments, that blog too has been disregard and not being attended to. Now that all of the things that had to do with my assessment and assignments have been completed, I can now relax a bit before the final exam and my practical training!! Yes, I'm finally about to complete my studies but I still have to undergo the required practical and I admit that I am a tad bit nervous about it. I'm nervous about everything and I'm sooo afraid that I won't do a great job with it. I have to pray a lot for that! But before that, I need to pray so that my final examination will go on smoothly. :)

So Joel was in town for the whole weekdays last week and at that period of time, I was at my happiest state I have never been that ecstatic since the last time I saw him and that was like a month ago. I tried my hardest to spend most of my time to 'savour' him! *kinky* LOL! I just wanted to be with him and that's all I did, minus that last Thursday which I wasn't allowed to go out by my mum. I know you think that I'm still being treated like a little girl by her and you are right, unfortunately. We didn't get to do so much things but I was happy enough to see him in front of me. People said that being away makes you miss your partner even more and I absolutely agree with that. Most of the time, we were accompanied by my sister, Marsha and I'm glad that they both clicked. They have the same taste in movies but when it comes to the movies that I chose, he didn't like most of them. I don't really mind about it that much cos at least there's a thing that my boyfriend and my sister have in common on. Even my cousin Al have met Joel too. I haven't ask him what he thought of Joel but that will be in our conversation when I see him. Although he didn't stay long in KK, I know that he had tried his best to come and see me. I hope I can see him before I start my practical training cos it will be harder for us to meet then. But Joel assured me that he will try his best to meet cos he can't stand not to see me too long. I can't stand not seeing him too if it's too long. Actually, I did plan something before he return to Kota Belud but all the plans were just plans, some distractions came up and ruin everything. I was so sad when I went to see him on the day he went back to his hometown but we managed to have lunch even though it was just for a while. He gave me his towel and a small bottle of perfume to remind me about his smell. I love his manly scent! :)

In the one month time that we couldn't see each other, I admit that I tend to get emotional quite easily with him and my hormones are going WILD! I get moody instantly if he replied my texts late and if I found out that he was spending his time on facebook rather than replying my texts, that spiked my anger. And during those times too we were having problems with our relationship. It was a minor one that has something to do with trust issue and other few things but we managed to overcome all the problems cos if we choose to ignore and let it do, it will come back and bite us back in the arse!

But one thing that I like after we overcame the situation, I get better in communicating with him. It's not that I suck in the beginning but Joel honestly told me that I don't really open up to him and I agree with that. Yes, I have the tendency to keep things to myself especially when things went bad or when I'm not in a very good mood. I always left him guessing and that depressed him a bit. I know it's not cool for a couple to hide things from each other and I must say that I'm beginning to learn to let loose and trust him whole-heartedly to tell him anything, even when I feel sad, annoyed or whatever. All I know is that when it comes for a long distance relationship to work, communication is one of the vital key ingredients.

Throughout our 1++ year relationship, Joel has been the backbone and the core that makes the relationship to have a very strong base that made me want to try harder to keep and to protect what we share together, which is the love we have for one another. I will keep my promise to you sayang!

I will always miss...

 Until next post,

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