Friday, 21 September 2012

that one fine saturday...

I admit that I've been neglecting this blog for too long now. The last post was on 15th of May, that was like a century ago. I keep giving excuses but this time, not anymore. But yet, I still have to apology for the long hiatus. 

Joel has finally graduated with a bachelor degree under his belt and his girlfriend, I'm very proud of his achievements I'm sure with his degree, he can start looking for his dream career. Good for you baby! We decided to meet before he went of to Penang for his convocation. Since he's currently working in Labuan, he had to take the ferry to cross to Menumbok and to reach KK, he then rode on a bus that took longer than 2 hours. Such a hassle to see me no? But he said he didn't mind at all as long as he's able to see me before his flight the next day. I went to fetch him at the bus station near the KK Court and by the time he entered my car, our dating begun. We didn't chat much when we were headed to Putatan, maybe because earlier I was feeling a little annoyed because I had to wait for him to arrive to KK and he sensed it so he decided to not talk so that I won't feel more agitated. When arrived in Putatan, we went to Comfort Hotel to check in for my convenient to fetch and send him to Terminal 2 airport since I live in Putatan. After check in, we rest for awhile then he decided he wanted to watch Resident Evil: Retribution since it has been the longest time since the last time he went to a cinema to watch a movie. We then head to our favorite cinema, GSC Suria to buy tickets then eat before the movie starts. since he's on a budget, we just ate at Suria's food court. We bought our food from the usual stall. We then walked around the mall to kill time and just enjoy us walking together, hand in hand. When I think about it now, it made me miss him so much. The movie ended a little after 7pm then he decided that he wanted to go back to the hotel to rest but before that, we stopped by at the pekan for him to buy mineral water and some snacks for him to munch on. Then we hang out at the hotel for awhile then I had to leave because I had to fetch Marsha from work.

The next day, I went to his hotel quite early. I arrived there at 5am. Yes, I had to woke up at 4.30am to get ready and thank goodness I don't have to drive far to fetch him and we managed to spend time alone before I send him to the airport.

Our dating routines are just the same and to be honest, I wanted to do something different but I'm not really sure why we keep doing the same thing everytime we went out together. Maybe because of time constraint. Oh well, I love to be with him anyway and being in a long distant relationship, I have to be grateful even the time we are at each other's side are short and brief.

Okay, that's all for this posts. 
Jessica :)


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