Wednesday, 3 August 2011

10 Days Boyfriend Blog Challenge- Day 3

Here comes day 3 of the challenge, just keep breathing and I'm actually waiting the time strikes 12am sharp cos I'm going to call this lucky guy of mine to wish him Happy 1 year Anniversary! Another less than 3 hours. *excites*

Day 3 - Favorite picture of you and your boyfriend

All of our pictures are my favorites! Seriously no bias okay :) So I've chosen these 2 pictures cos he smiled widely for one of the pictures and the other one, well, I look beautiful in it! HAHA

I know that Joel posted the second picture before but yeah, i just give it a breath of colours :)

Happy 1 year Anniversary sayang, I love you forever :)

Next: Day 4 - 5 facts about your boyfriend.

Posted by Jessica :)

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