Monday, 1 August 2011

10 Days Boyfriend Blog Challenge- Day 1

On the previous post, I've posted a blog challenge that I decided to do. I've completed a blog challenge before but it's a 30 days blog challenge and unlike this, there are only 10 days. Which means I only have to complete 10 challenges. Sounds easy? Hopefully it will, fingers crossed! So let's get down to business, shall we? :)

Day 1 - Where did you meet your boyfriend?

The first time I met my boyfriend face to face was at Suria Sabah Shopping Mall on the 11th of December 2009, about 4 months after we declared ourselves official. You might be wondering why does it took so long. To be honest, we've never met each other in the earlier months of our relationship cos he's studying in Selangor and I'm in KK. The only way that we get to 'date' was through phone calls, constant video calls on skype. That's how our relationship survived its early stages.

Moving back to the main topic, the actual spot that I first met Joel was in front of Voir of Suria Sabah. I arrived probably 15 minutes earlier than him so I went in to check out some clothes and not long after that he called me and letting me know that he had arrived all the way from KB and was looking for a parking. So I was like okay and continue browsing through the garments. None of them caught my attention but I think I didn't pay too much attention on them anyway cos I was toooo nervous and excited to see my boyfriend for the first time. lol! Suddenly he called again to let me know that he already parked his car and on his way to see me. I went out and waited for him at the hallway, in front of the shop. He then called me and asked on which floor I was and I said I was on the 1st floor and standing at the hallway. He told me that he was on the third floor, also at the hallway. I kept looking up but didn't see him. He then said that he saw me. There I was, panicking a little bit and I kept looking up searching for him like a fool but still didn't catch a glimpse of him. We were still on the phone talking at that time and he was laughing at me. In the end, he walked over to me. And there we were, in front of Voir, our first look in the eye and the rest is history.

I think that's enough for today. It's not necessarily for me to tell what happened next, isn't it? Haha

Next: Day 2 - Favorite picture of your boyfriend

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