Thursday, 4 August 2011

10 Days Boyfriend Blog Challenge- Day 4 & 5

Here's the thing with me. I have this disease of forgetting things and the worst one ever, LAZY! But for challenge Day 4, it's not that I didn't do it on purpose yesterday. I absolutely forgot about it cos I was busy with *cough* studying *cough cough* and tweeting! Yes, I'm a twitter addict and in twitter world, everybody could be your friend :) So, I'm going to post 2 challenges in one entry ( I know I'm brilliant),  challenge day 4 and day 5 so that I will focus on my studies even more later. As if la kan? Hahaha

Enough with the ramblings, it's now time for challenges. Are you ready? I know I am :)

Day 4 - 5 facts about your boyfriend

1. He's a photographer enthusiast! He likes to take picture just like I do but he of course is better than I am and he has GREAT knowledge about Adobe Photoshop.

2. He used to be a smoker but he stopped because I told him so :)

3. Manchester United fan. Just 'fan' won't be enough, HUGE fan or FANATIC would be more suitable I guess. I wonder how will it be if both of us are watching a match between MU against Liverpool. Since I'm so sarcastic and frequently bad talking towards the opponent teams when I watch any football match that my Liverpool is playing, I know high tension will absolutely be the barrier and we won't be sitting close to each other. Woah, I'm playing that scene in my head right now and it's so surreal! LOLs

4. He has this 3 moles on his face. Okay, I'm not insulting him or anything. It's just that when we're together, I love to touch them. I would hug him close so that our face would be like 0.0001 cm away from each other and my hands would roam his head and I would touch those cute moles one by one.
p/s: If you're reading this sayang, I love anything about you even your moles :)

5. Joel is a hugger and great kisser I'm not exaggerating. I won't explain in details on that. Enough said :)

Day 5  - Make a list of 10 things you like about your boyfriend

1. His feelings, his love for me, his willingness to drive far (KB-KK) just to meet me
2. His broad knowledge of photography. I like the fact that I can go to him to ask things about photography and I have him to talk about it :)
3. For always being there when I need him
4. His quirks, wits
5. Those amazing sexy lips :)
6. His warm hugs that makes me feel at home
7. Kisses ^___________^
8. His confidence, manly man attitude
9. How he loves his parents, family
10. Great driving skills, he likes to drive fast!

Next: Day 6 - What did you do the last time you hung out?

Until next challenge!

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